Bismillah, Yōkoso (welcome)!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by on my blog! 😀

I am Annisa FWD, simply call me Nis (for Anis or Nisa), but you’re also free to call me Daus as some of my friends do. I was born and raised in a small city surrounded by mountains in East Java, where I also spent my teen years in an Islamic junior high school. The school, even though it was very small and located in the middle of paddy field, led me to two wonderful destinies: to MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong, in which high school years were filled with numerous experiences, and indirectly to Nagoya University, where life taught me more than the college.

This blog mostly narrates my stories during my xx years of life. Yeah, I know it’s diary-ish, sometimes childish, yet I do really hope you can find something useful here. 🙂

Do click this blog title (“Tembus Langitmu”) to read my posts 😀

Warning: the posts mostly written in bahasa Indonesia. 😛


9 thoughts on “Yōkoso

          1. 😀 oyah?

            neng tya itu saudara ketemu di jogja waktu bapak sakit. dan setelahnya dia tiap hari jenguk plus memenuhi keperluan kami. sampai kontrol jg masih ditemenin, sampai pas bapak gak ada, dia juga dateng ke kebumen.

            bener2 kenal saat itu dan smp skrg blm pernah ketemu lagi 😀


          2. iyaa tapi belum pernah ketemu langsung sama mbak Tya. cuma online karena pernah mengurus sesuatu bersama-sama. sepertinya pernah baca cerita ini, apa mbak titin pernah ngepost ya?


          3. di blog titin banyak cerita ttg bapak, dan titin gakpernah bosen cerita ttg segala yg ada di jogja itu hehe..

            bisa jadi pernah baca, emang 😀


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