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Final-Final-Fixed Bachelor Thesis

I am not lying that I named my bachelor thesis file “final-final-fixed graduation thesis”. Indeed, even my final-revised thesis needed to be fixed 😀

Finally after changing my research topic halfway to graduation, months of struggling with the contamination, trial-error with the gene cutting (which eventually I didn’t use), today I’m gonna submit my graduation thesis. Yeay!

So, this is my graduation thesis title. Just never, ever compare it with yours. I know mine is nothing.

But, as my sensei said, the most important thing for my graduation is my presentation on July 12th.

So, it’s 8 days to go. Please kindly pray for me, may Allah reward you better! :”)




Seumur hidup pembelajar. Ingin menjadi ibu plus guru keren di masa depan. Bercita-cita punya perpustakaan sendiri di mana anak-anak bisa belajar, mendengarkan cerita, dan bereksplorasi.

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