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[Catatan Senja] The Hijaab Terminator

I copied some parts of the original post, and here it is..

“..if you want to understand proper hijaab you need to look at proper sources that is Qur’an and Sunnah.
Wearing Make up with hijaab and accessorizing it totally defeats the purpose of hijaab.
Be it fancy hijab pins or false eyelashes or Tikas or jewellery.
Hijaab is for worship and for Allah

YES! It is also for the fact that you do not look beautiful or alluring. If you are wearing a scarf on your head which doesn’t even cover your chest and a ton of make up you have not understood hijaab. Shaytan is fooling you or you are making excuses.
When you follow a commandment of Islam make sure you do so properly. Hijaab is fard and the punishment for not wearing it is pretty strict.

DISCLAIMER : Doesn’t apply for sisters who are slowly trying to transition and perfect their hijaab. You need to keep moving towards perfecting it and not get stuck in a stage thinking that is appropriate hijaab.”

Agak keras dalam penyampaian, ngapunten nggih, tapi bukan saya yang nulis. Saya pribadi setelah dengar kajian dari ustad-ustad tidak mempermasalahkan hijab dengan warna selain warna-warna gelap, walaupun nggak yang ngejreng juga 🙂

Tapi..Sooo agree with the disclaimer part. Indeed, most of us are still struggling in perfecting our hijab. What we do really need is..keep learning and of course, apply the knowledge ❤

Bacaan lanjutan:



No offense, tidak pula merasa benar. Saya juga nyadar hijab saya masih sering seperti layang-layang. Heu.



Seumur hidup pembelajar. Ingin menjadi ibu plus guru keren di masa depan. Bercita-cita punya perpustakaan sendiri di mana anak-anak bisa belajar, mendengarkan cerita, dan bereksplorasi.

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